Anthony B


Anthony B was born Keith Blair in Clarks Town, Jamaica in the parish of Trelawny (a parish noted for the heroic Afrikan freedom fighters, the Maroons, who defeated the English military). His Revivalist grandmother and Seventh Day Adventist mother, immersed him in the singing, call and response and clapping mechanics of rural Jamaica. After performing with church and school choirs throughout his youth, he made his debut as a deejay with the local sound system Shaggy Hi-Power.

He moved to Portmore in 1988 and befriended fellow aspiring deejays like Determine. He was looking for a break at Black Scorpio studio one day when Little Devon introduced him to the producer of Garnett "Mama Africa" Silk fame, Richard "Bello" Bell of Star Trail Label fame. With Little Devon he made his debut single "The living is hard" on the Wizard label in 1993. He steadfastly refused to deejay girl lyrics when they were ruling the roost in the early nineties.

Recordings and releases followed quickly and his first hit was "Repentance time". The bigger hits "Fire pon Rome", "Rumour" and "Raid di barn" followed in quick pursuit. His first full-length effort, his debut album "So Many Things" was released to popular acclaim in 1996. Late 1997 his second worldwide album "Universal Struggle" was released and again excellence is consistent. Lyrically, thematically and rhythmically versatile, the album encapsulates Afrikan consciousness and the Peter Tosk-like deliveries and clarity of vocals are indelibly present throughout. The single "Nah Vote Again" was viewed as a key factor in preserving peace at the national elections in Jamaica 1997. 

He was the most devastating deejay at Reggae Sumfest 1997, at Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica - a consummate performer. Anthony B, indeed another Reggae king in full musical swing In 1999, the conscious movement was propelled into high gear once again with the release of yet another masterpiece from the one and only Anthony B. the "Seven Seals" album. It included singles like ‘Conscious Entertainer’, Mr. Heartless’, ‘Miracle’, ‘Cut Out Throat’, and the remix of Garnett Silk’s, ‘Hello Mama Africa’ which features both Silk and Buju Banton.

Anthony B has been called everything from preacher to revolutionary, but most importantly for him he is a messenger, one who has delivered some memorable messages through his conscious Reggae music. Anthony B’s newly appointed title of reggae music’s spokesman for the poor and downtrodden continues in the new millennium.

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