Capleton "King Shango"


Born Clifton George Bailey III, in the small village of Islington in St. Mary, Jamaica, Capleton has gone on to become one of reggae's most successful vocalists. He obtained the name Capleton from intervening in a conversation with friends, with some important points, impressing them so much, that they they thought he must be Capleton, a name he continues to use for his artistry.

Moving to Kingston, it didn't take him long to get his break, when he passed an audition for the cast of the Toronto Stewart Brown's musical production, African Star. He made his first trip abroad to Canada for the stage show in 1989. The show was such a success that, soon after returning to Jamaica, he was signed by reggae producer, Philip "Faddis" Burrell.

Despite being banned from radio airplay for its suggestive lyrics, Capleton's first single the risque "Bumbo Red", became a dancehall hit and established him as an important new voice. 1992 saw the release of "Armshouse", the anti-clash anthem which urged peace among the warring DJ's. Later that year he came 'Prophet'; these two songs seemed to portend the changes Capleton would later go through. Capleton's debut album, "Prophecy", released in 1995, included the Caribbean Music Awards single of the year, "Taxi".

Though not overnight, a new Capleton has emerged. No more do we hear him uttering lyrics degrading women or insinuating any form of violence. He has proved his ability and versatility by topping the Billboard charts and we can look forward to more hits. Since 1989 Capleton has been one of the most consistent deejays in dancehall.

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