When In The Streetz Records released its CRASH rhythm in 1999, little did the label's head honcho Byron Murray realize that a song recorded on the rhythm STREET DREAMS by a newcomer name Alozade, would have taken off with a bang. The song did well on the pop charts in Jamaica and signaled the arrival of this talented newcomer.

Alozade, whose real name is Michael Sterling, is one of the newest 'finds' currently permeating the airwaves of Jamaica. Armed with his throaty and unique toasting poster-boy image and young features, Alozade has the Dancehall under arrest with his deadly brew of hit tunes.

It was while reading for a degree in computer studies at a college in England that the music bug bit him. He then decided to give up studies for a career as a deejay. At first, his parents did not support his move, but eventually they realized that this was what he wanted and gave him their blessing.

He linked with the In The Streetz Records label and this resulted in his smash hit "Street Dreams". Prior to that, the former Ardenne Extension High student voiced his debut single "Top Of The Line" for the StoneLove label, "Mr Mention" for African Star was next and these songs created a momentum, which paved the way for subsequent releases.

Currently Alozade's been enjoying heavy rotation with "Bad Man Nuh Pet Gal" for Louis "Flabba" Malcom's Mo Music label. This song has been a huge hit in Jamaica over the summer of 2000. Alozade also has the songs; "Bad Man Cousin", "Chi Chi Man" and "Chi Chi Dem" ready to race up the charts.

Alozade has been a hit among teens. "I guess this appeal is a natural one because they have been seeing a lot of overseas artists and are telling themselves, this is what I am looking for," Alozade said. His manager, Byron Murray knows about this appeal and feels it is a big plus for any young deejay. "When one can command a certain respect from teenagers, put aside the lyrics, an artist has to keep reaching out for a larger market".

With the songs like; "Nuh Pet Gal", "Street Dream" and "Chi Chi Dem" ringing throughout the Dancehall, Alozade is quickly becoming a sex symbol. These days from night clubs in Kingston to St Elizabeth, he does not stop signing autographs. When his performance gets too hot for his fans sometimes clothing is removed (fan's clothes).

Alozade is one of the first new band of In The Streetz Records artists and certainly is one to keep watch for. Forecasters say, "Keep your cars stuck to the deejay's lyrics so when he strikes everyone will be prepared to tell the Alozade story as it is".

Biography supplied and prepared by In The Streetz Records. Summer 2000

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