Jah'key Malle born Jack Otkech Obwande in 1968 Kenya, East Africa.

He started his music career at the age of 14 as a DJ at various popular music spots, (including the popular Florida night club Nairobi).
After spinning discs for 10 years, he formed his own band that performaned at various clubs and concerts.
Some of the most successful shows he has featured in are:

  • YELLOWMAN AFRICAN CONCERT- Held in 1992 at Jamhuri Park Nairobi with an estimated crowd of 20, 000.

  • 1993 SHABBA RANKS "AFRICA TOUR"- In Nairobi City Stadium.

  • 1993 Malle held his own concert at Mamba village enterainment centre Mambasa with 1,200 fans in attendance.

  • 1994 URTNA AWARDS - Held in Nairobi Safari Park Hotel.

  • 1996 LUCKY DUBE TOUR - At Nyaya Stadium Nairobi with an estimated 30, 000 people.

  • 1997 CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS CONCERT - At the Carnivore Restaurant with a crowd of 30, 000 people.

  • 1998 Malle held another concert of his own at the Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi.

  • 1998 PEACE IN THE HOOD- Concert in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • DEBUT ALBUM, TOTAL MADNESS - May 1998 followed by a four month country wide tour.

  • 1998 THE GUINNESS SUNBEAT REGGAE FESTIVAL- Featuring great artist such as Maxi Priest and Lucky Dube.


  • PAMOJA CONCERT- In memory of the U.S Embassy Bomb victims in Nairobi.

  • BEATS OF THE SEASON - The biggest annual concert of Kenya, which also feature stars of the likes of Maxi Priest.

  • 1999 LET'S TALK EXTRAVAGANZA - An AIDS awarerness concerts

  • For the rest of 1999 Jah'Key Malle was fully booked

Currently release his latest Album untitled 'HASIRA'

The tone of his voice and the message in his music clearly talks of virtiolic campaign against drugs, the menace of the ravaging AIDS and racism. He preached brotherly love, peace on earth and unity among all races.

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