CUTTY RANKS is hardcore Dancehall deejay who's been widely popular Dancehall DJ since 1991. Cutty Ranks, the ex-butcher (thus the nickname "Cutty"), was back on the mike in rare form after his massive international chartbuster "The Stopper". A protégé of Donovan Germain's Penthouse stable, Cutty Ranks and his distinctive gruff deejay style is one-of-a-kind.

He claims to speak for the people and argues that he is not promoting guns or violence in his lyrics but rather refers to them. "I write from the heart to let people know what's going on," says Cutty Ranks. He further explains the motivations for the social commentary in his songs. "In Jamaica, the politicians hand out guns to the youth and then look the other way as coke comes onto the island. Other deejays won't take on the politicians because they're afraid. In my songs, I'm talking for the people too scared to speak for themselves."

Cutty Ranks had a big hit in 1996 who "Who She Me Dun" and widely recognized again in 1997 with "The Return". It was this string of accomplishments that lead to the highly successful "Six Million Ways To Die" album released by Priority Records. The album crossed over into the US Hip-Hop market and established Cutty as an 'International artist'.

Since then, he has been based in Jamaica recording and performing worldwide. He's ready to take his rightful place in the Reggae and Hip-Hop world with the new album "Back With A Vengeance" - a brand new release! (Officially the album is released on Janauary 23rd, 2001) This new album is being released by Artist Only! Records for JAMMY$ Productions.

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