Reggae In Africa

Reggae and ragga is more popular than rap in Nairobi. There are two main clubs that regularly featured reggae and ragga artists: Achievers and Hollywood. Achievers looked very much like a dance hall in Kingston, Jamaica. There were quite a few ragga artists taking turns at the mike.
Shashamane which is the house sound there plays every saturday and sunday.On saturday"s is a mix of Roots Reggae,Culture and Dancehall. Sunday afternoon from 2pm until 9pm is a jam session where they play the latest Dancehall Music and thereafter, is strictly Roots and Culture until dawn. Whenever there is a new Rythme on the market, it always hits Achievers Club first. Apart from Reggae Music, Achievers Club, also specialized in African music (Dubbed) NDOMBOLO from monday to friday with Shashamane crew at the control. 

On Moktar Daddah Street

Click To View Larger Image Reggae music was first introduced to Hollywood Night club in 1987 by Roots Inity Promotion. In 1989-1992 Dread Brother Promotion (Also known as Shashamane) took control of the club until they moved to Achievers in 1993. 
Jambo Sounds is currently the house sound at Hollywood Club.


Anytime one talks about reggae music in Kenya, starlight club always comes first. Click To View Larger Image
The pionneers behind the club was a British born Kenyan by the name of Armstrong in the early seventies. When it first opened it was strictly Zairean live bands such as Zaiko Langa Langa, Samba Mapangala and the Virunga just to name a few. In 1980 Roots Inity took over the club which at that time reggae was introduced. 

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