Dennis Brown

Dennis Emanuel Brown was born in 1957 in Kingston Jamaica. Often referred to as "Emmanuel, the Crown Prince of Reggae," Dennis Brown was Bob Marley's favorite singer. He began his career at the tender age of 11 as one of the many child stars, recording for Coxsone Dodd and the Studio One label. His first hit was in1969 with "No Man Is an Island" (the Impressions). "If I Follow My Heart", his other chief hit at Studio One, was every bit as good.

In the '70s he freelanced between studios before recording his third collection, "Super Reggae And Soul Hits". He made a series of albums for Joe Gibbs and had a U.K. hit with his classic "Money in My Pocket" the first of three incursions into chart territory. From 1977 to 1982 he continued to record for Joe Gibbs, producing such classics as "Revolution," "Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)," "The Promised Land," and "Sitting and Watching." A live album was cut in Montreux in 1979, a year after he was featured in the film Heartland Reggae. He did two albums on the Winston 'Niney' Holness' label, "Just Dennis" and "Wolf & Leopards"; recorded with a three year gap between them. Dennis eventually signed with A&M Records in the early 80s. Simultaneously, he became co-owner of the DEB label, successfully producing Junior Delgado among others. He settled in England for much of the 80s.

Brown's series of reggae hits, including 'To The Foundation' for Gussie Clarke, 'Revolution' for Sly & Robbie's Taxi label or cuts on his own Yvonne's Special label (named after his wife), saw him become one of the few established singers to ride the early dancehall boom unscathed. However, when digital music exploded onto the reggae scene in 1985-86, Dennis faltered for the first time in his career, seemingly unsure of his next move. Eventually he settled into the new style, recording The Exit for King Jammy's in the digital mode. A move to Gussie Clarke's Music Works Studio in 1989 gave him more kudos with the youth market, particularly on the duet with Gregory Isaacs , 'Big All Around'. Once again Dennis Brown was in-demand in Jamaica, back at the roots of the music, and rolling once again, recording everywhere and anywhere for a few months.

Dennis Brown died at the age of 42 from "pneumonia" in Kingston, Jamaica at 6:30 am, Thursday, July 1st, 1999 at the University Hospital of the West Indies. One of several performers, along with Bob Marley, who introduced reggae music to listeners around the world during the 1970's, he was loved in reggae music and was regularly courted by the major record labels. He has produced more reggae classics than just about anyone else; recorded more than 50 albums and had a number of hit songs. He was one of Jamaica's most popular performers.

Albums: 75 "Just Dennis", 77 "Visions", 78 "Westbound Train", "Wolf & Leopards", 79 "Live in Montreux", "Joseph's Coat of Many Colours", "Words of Wisdom", 80 "Spellbound", 82 "Love Has Found Its Way", 83 "The Prophet Rides Again", "Satisfactory Feeling", "Money in My Pocket", 84 "Walls & Letters", "Loves Got a Hold on Me", 85 "Reggae Superstars Meet", 86 "Halfway Up, Halfway Down", "Hold Tight", "Brown Sugar", 87 "Slow Down", 88 "Inseparable", 89 "Good Vibrations", "My Time", "No Contest", 90 "Unchallenged", 91 "Over Proof", "Sarge", "Go Now", "Victory Is Mine", "Overproof [VP], 92 "Blazing", "Friends for Life", "Some Like It Hot", "Another Day in Paradise", "Live in Montego Bay", "Cosmic Force", 93 "General", "Unforgettable", "Hotter Flames", 94 "Light My Fire", "Blood Brothers", "Vision of a Reggae King", "3 Against War", " Early Days", 95 "Joy in the Morning", "Live at Montreux", "Nothing Like This", "Open the Gate", "Temperature Rising", "I Don't Know", "Dennis Brown & Friends", "Love Light", "Musical Heatwave", 96 "Super Reggae", "Milk and Honey", "Could It Be", "Songs of Emanuel", "Beautiful Morning", "Dennis", "Lover's Paradise", 98 "He's One of a Kind", "Tracks of Life", "Watch This Sound", 99 "Tribulation", "Love Is So True", "Generosity", "Bless Me Jah", "Stone Cold World", "Live in Montreux". Also "Meets Hippy Harry","Romantic Nights", "Kollektion", "Limited Edition", "So Amazing", "If I Didn't Love You".

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