Everton Blender
Born Everton Dennis Williams at birth in Race Course, Clarendon, Jamaica. Blender's musical career was launched when he entered an amateur contest at the Bohemia Club, singing Dennis Brown songs under the name, Babbaru. He emerged the winner after his second attempt and this gave rise to his appearances, as a singer, on the "Destiny" sound system.

He recorded his first single "Where Is Love" in 1979. Producer Danny Barclay took Blender to the studio in 1985 and recorded 'Baba Black Sheep". However his failure to achieve commercial success left him frustrated and disillusioned. For nearly a decade, he remained withdrawn from music. After a personal encounter with Jah, who warned him to take advantage of his natural gift of singing before it was taken away from him; Blender again set out to pursue his ultimate dream.

He met Garnet Silk, a former co-worker at the Destiny Sound System, who introduced him to record producer Richard Bell of Star Trail Records; who recorded "We No Jus' A Come" which was a hit. This became the catalyst of Everton Blender's career. Since then he has recorded a number of other songs on Bell's Label as "Family Man" "Down in the Ghetto", "Bring the kutchie come", "World Corruption" and "Baba white sheep". Then "Bello" produced Everton Blender's first album, "Lift up your head." The Album made it to the #4 position on the "Black Echo" Chart in England. Meanwhile the single, "Blend them", which he recorded on the "Black Scorpio" label did very well on the local charts.

Everton Blender is a singing achievement. A singers singer who knows no bounds in delivering his conscious lyrics. Since his meteoritic debut in 1993, he has amassed several hits to his credit - which he uses vocally to decorate his strut on many stages throughout the world. He has become a regular appearance on the major local reggae festivals like Reggae Sunsplash, Reggae Sumfest, White River Reggae Bash, and Sting. He appeared at "Midem"; The annual music festival held in France where he made quite a memorable impression. He has gained numerous awards and honors, like: The Chicago Martins International and The South Florida Reggae Soca Awards for the most improved Entertainer in 1996 and 1997 and The International Achievement Award from Prodigal Promotions in the U.S.A. His song "Lift up your head", was also nominated for the "Most Conscious Lyrics" in the local Jammy awards.

The release of his second album "Piece of di Blender" in June,1997 captivated and stirred the hearts of "Ardent Blender Fans" everywhere. With his smooth, crooning, tenor vocals, uptempo arrangements and spiritually-uplifting themes, he is one of the top performers of Jamaica's Dancehall tradition and one of the most sought after acts both nationally and internationally.. He's on a mission: to break the chains that still continue to hold people down in mental slavery.

Albums: 94 "Lift up Your Head", 95 "Blend Dem", 96 " Piece of the Blender", 97 " Where Do the Children", 99 "Rootsman Credential"

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