General Degree
Born Burt Cardiff on April 28, 1968 in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. His love for the music began at the age of six and he often had to hide as a child from his strict christian parents in order to get a taste of what was happening on the airwaves. As he grew older he played the radio a little louder, listening keenly to the lyrical styles of Lt Stitchie, Papa San and Professor Nuts and he developed his own unique style of comical story telling/DJying.

General Degree developed his stage name by adopting the "General" from "General Trees" one of his mentors, and the "Degree" because of its "University Rank" meaning, which evidently describes the standard by which this hard hitting entertainer works. After sneaking out at nights to dances and hanging around the sound systems, a tailor by day he saved enough money to travel to Kingston to make his first recording entitled "Circle Mandeville". He instantly become one of Mandeville's hottest talents. To achieve his dreams of international success he moved to Kingston, the capital of the dancehall music.

He came out with a blockbuster hit "Granny" a dialogue between a granny and her grandson. In order to move to the next level, and not to be stereotyped, Degree wasted no time. No longer using his granny voice, he went on to work with some of the best reggae producers in the business, such as Donovan Germaine (Penthouse), Bobby "Digital B" Dixon, Dave Kelly (Madhouse), Sly and Robbie, along with Steelie and Cleevie. At the close of 1993, Degree signed a management contract with Main Street Records. He once again combined his talents with Danny Brownie on "Pianist" dubbed the most controversial song for 1993, which went up the charts.

After his 1997 self-entitled work, "Degree" General worked on his new album "Bush Baby" which featured some of Degree¹s best work ever . "Bush Baby" features 16 tracks like ŒMiss Gotti¹, ŒTraffiic Blocking¹, ŒBoom Boom¹, ŒPleasure Tour¹, the title track, ŒBush Baby¹ ¹, and let¹s not forget his duets with Red Rat and Maxi Priest.

Albums: "Mr. Do It Nice", 90 "The Pianist", 92 "Granny", 96 "

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