The GLADIATORS are in the arena since 1967, date when Albert Griffiths formed the band of which the name was suggested for him in a bus by a traveler that had just seen the movie Ben Hur. The idea of these men that fought for their liberty, a little to the picture of fight for them against Babylone, seduces immediately the rastas and stick besides again today to the hardness of Jama´ca.

This is to this period that they had their first hit " Hello Carol " and that they establish their name on the local market, from this notoriety beginning they produce true gems that will become as much classics such that " Roots Natty " or " Bongo Red " and parallel Albert Griffiths installed himself as session musician " house " to the great Studio One and play for the artists recording in Jamaica as The Ethiopians , Burning Spear,Mighty Diamonds or John Holt.

In 1976 their career becomes international itself thanks to the signature with Virgin of the legendary Trenchtown Mix Up that compiles most of their best titles (Bongo Red becomes for example Mix Up). During some years the GLADIATORS divide the top of the poster in the environment of the reggae with artists as U-Roy, Aswad or Toots & the Maytals and produce several albums even at first years 80 where two major events marked the beginning of a black period. The last album with Virgin was produced and remixed to their unawareness by Eddy Grant in a too commercial spirit and that failed the discredit lives-to-live of them public of basis, the height for one of the pillars of the roots reggae rock !
Next the death of Bob Marley in 1981 created such a shock in the world of the reggae that a lot of record companies took advantage to rid of their artists the less "docile " and the GLADIATORS were among those.

If they have therefore known a certain crossing of the desert on the recording plan in roaming of labels in labels they continued to compose big classics of the roots reggae and especially to turn untiringly through the world, always giving the best of themselves on stage and proving that they are without protest one of the first real Roots Rock Reggae band.

For example Albert Griffiths always lives in the country, in the hills of St Elizabeth where he was born and where one feels again the vibrations of deep Jama´que, far tumulte of Kingston. And this is this type warm and sincere mood brawl to the energy that they develop on scene that one rediscovers on their last CD " Something a gwaan " (translation of " something is going on " in jama´cain patois), recorded largely to Tuff Gong it fine studio of Bob Marley. Certainly the best album they produced since a long time and which they will come to present in their European tour in October and November



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