Inner Circle
Ian and Roger Lewis are the founding members of the reggae sensation Inner Circle, formed in Kingston, Jamaica in 1968 with Cooper, Coore & Daly. With popularity they made a good living playing in Jamaica's North Coast hotel lounges. In the early '70s when the three other musicians left to start their own group, Third World, solo artist Jacob Miller joined the Lewis brothers. A devout Rastafarian, he changed the direction of the band and soon they all had dreadlocks and began playing covers of popular reggae hits. They also wrote their own songs that became noted for both their earnestness and catchy pop tunes. Considered lite reggae, but still rocking steady and focused on typical reggae issues such as Jah-love and social consiciousness their music was done in a way to invite mass appeal.

The band got their first taste of international acclaim in 1976 when Capitol Records signed them. During the mid-'70s, Inner Circle had recorded a bit with the American disco band KC and the Sunshine Band. However, their true international success came after being spotted while taking part in the famous Jamaican Festival which had a crowd of over 40,000 people, and the concert was documented in the film, Heartland Reggae. International audiences loved it and they became quite popular, especially in the U.S. Their 1978 record, "Everything is Great" found its way to the UK Top 20 and France Top 10. With popular singles, Mary, Mary and Music Machine, Inner Circle was on their way up when lead singer, Jacob Killer Miller was killed in a car crash in 1980. The band felt that they could not continue without him.

Six years passed before the band returned to the studio. The Lewis brothers had opened their own studio in Miami and out of that session came the critically acclaimed record "One Way". Eventually they reformed the band with new lead singer Carlton Coffey and in the early '90s and had success. Inner Circle was on the comeback trail in 1991 when they flexed their Euro-market muscle with the #1 Scandinavian hit "Bad Boys", known to millions around the world as the theme song for the Fox Television program, COPS. The following summer, Inner Circle totally conquered the Americas when their sexy song, "Sweat (A La La La La Long)" exploded all over Europe; breaking in Sweden first, where it topped the radio charts for two months. All of their efforts were rewarded that year when they were awarded the American Grammy for the Best Reggae Act of 1994.

Their follow-up album, "Reggae Dancer" was released worldwide a few months later. The record included the song "Summer Jammin", featured in the movie sound track for Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop III. In 1995 the band received another Grammy nomination for their "Reggae Dancer" album and "Bad Boys" became the theme song for the Blockbuster Feature Film, Bad Boys, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. During the same year, lead singer, Calton fell ill and had to be hospitalized and facing a long recovery period, the band connected with Kris Bentley. The former lead singer of the popular Jamaican group, Skool, Bentley was a native of Kingston, Jamaica and winner of the 1994 Caribbean Music Song Festival. He was asked to stay with the group when Calton decided to pursue a solo career upon his recovery . With that, the current Inner Circle was complete

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