JC Lodge
British born to Jamaican father and English mother, J.C. Lodge was taken to Jamaica as a child. There, the Beatles’ fan soon became immersed in R&B and reggae, and sang along to everything she heard.

She was encouraged to perform in her high school concerts by classmates, and enjoyed doing so, but felt her career lay either in art or drama. A relationship with Errol O’Meally toward the end of high school, however, led her further along the music path.

He was a budding songwriter, and used her voice to present some of his material at Joe Gibbs’ Recording Studio. Both the songs and the singer were well received, and J.C. was asked to cover ‘Someone Loves You, Honey’ in 1980. The reggae-country and western tune topped the Jamaican charts worldwide, and earned the singer gold and platinum discs in the Netherlands. Such success convinced J.C. that music should be her main direction.

Nine albums followed, consisting mostly of reggae, but some with R&B and pop material, too, usually written by O’Meally or J.C. Producers like Gibbs, Willie Lindo, Gussie Clarke, Errol O’Meally and Neal Fraser (a.k.a. Mad Professor), created product which garnered for J.C. several hits and prestigious awards across the world.

‘Telephone Love,’ recorded for Clarke in 1988, was the first dance hall reggae track to cross over in the R&B and hip-hop markets in the United States, topping the urban charts in New York and other cities.

With O’Meally’s influence and the creative opportunities of so many albums, J.C.’s songwriting skill was unearthed and polished. Several Jamaican artistes have sung her original compositions, and she continues to work toward having overseas artistes do likewise. Her varied influences are expressed in both her writing and performances, and she is comfortable in several genres, whether it be country and western, jazz, reggae pop or R&B.

The birth of her daughter Gia in 1994 has inspired two children’s educational albums. The popularity of these drew the interest of Jamaica’s national Television station – TVJ, who asked J.C. and her husband and her manager/producer/husband – Errol O’Meally to produce a children’s television series. This was a dream come true for J.C. and currently ‘Sing ‘n Learn,’ as the programme is called, is entering its second 13-episode season. The website is located at http://www.sing-n-learn.com.

Through her singing, writing, acting, painting and sewing, J.C. shares herself with her many fans, and continues to provide pleasing and positive entertainment wherever she goes. Additionally, the husband/wife production team has created audio advertising for several clients, including ‘Tower Isle Patties’ in the U.S. and McDonalds, ‘Guinness’ and several financial institutions in Jamaica.

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