Jah Mason


The first impression you get of Jah Mason is that of a tall, warrior-like man, but when he opens his mouth you hear the humbleness in his voice.

Born in Manchester, Jamaica, Jah Mason released his first 45 record in 1992. At that time he used to be called Perry Mason, but in 1995 it became Jah Mason because he began to "seek unto righteousness" and decided he could not be called Perry Mason. He changed his name to Jah Mason after linking up with the David House family who's members consist of the Fireman Capleton amongst others. He sees the name Jah Mason as his "Ethiopian name."

Along with being a part of the David House family, Jah Mason is also part of the Flames family along with people such as Utan Green, Lebanculah, Tony Rebel and Sugar Blacks. He sees Flames and David House as "a family ting." As such he is also a part of Determine's Zulu House family too.

Jah Mason's leaning towards the music business was 'an inborn' concept. He states "from I know myself... I know music." He gained early influence from people such as Capleton and Determine amongst others as long as there was "righteousness, the influence is... good" and Jah Mason found that whoever projected this righteous energy, he had to look up to them no matter who they were.

Music to Jah Mason is not a business, he sees it as a mission because if it was a business he would not be involved in it. He doesn't see the music business as something that is stable and classes it as "twiggy."

Since the age of 15, Jah Mason has been embracing Rastafari, but he believes "Everyone, every black people, is Rasta." The actual concept has to be realised by the person before they can embrace Rastafari. He is committed to the Bobo-Shanti order.

Jah Mason writes all his own lyrics getting his ideas from "the Almighty Haile Selassie I" and at the time of the interview, he had an album due out on January 7th 2000 on the Reggaemuffin label. He has had a few successful singles to date including a combination with Jah Cure called 'Run Come Love Me Tonight' and solo singles such as 'Hard Mama Work' and 'Money Dem A Run Down'.

Jah Cure is an artist who has recently been in Reggae and Jamaican headlines as he was imprisoned for 15 years on an alleged rape charge. Jah Mason believes "No that's fraud, he was set up someone drove his car. His friend but when you're trying to play tough you don't wanna inform on someone, you don't wanna be an informer, that's what happened. You don't have to do that trus' me."

At his current age of 25, Jah Mason has appeared in all major stage shows including Sumfest, Sunsplash, Rebel Salute, Blender Salute and Zulu Salute. He has also toured extensively covering England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Rome to name a few places. His aim is to tour "anywhere I haven't been yet" naming Africa as one such place.

The Motherland is a continent a lot of artists and sound systems wish to tour, but for Jah Mason the feeling is stronger and he would love to live there quoting "Ethiopia or Ghana" as countries where he would consider settling because "Right yah now me live a Africa mentally."

The direction in which Dancehall music is going right now courts critics according to Jah Mason because of all the "sex an' violence cah to me wha' really goin' on is nakedness." He doesn't class Dancehall in the same bracket as Cultural music because "nowadays you have fe say righteous music, cultural music, upliftment" to differentiate the two.

Of his accomplishments as an artist so far, Jah Mason feels "Dat de righteous energy really hit that point where I want it to reach" and he feels great about it, even "kingly coz that's how it is." If he was not in the music business, Jah Mason would leave it in Jah's hands, "Jah make all those decisions." Humble to a fault, he begs to clarify that he sees himself as a "chanter" and not a DJ. A chanter is one who sees music as a way of passing on a positive message of Haile Selassie I's teachings. More of a mission and not a competition. You have to chant out of love and not for money because the money side is unstable whereas love is always there.

His fans are left with wise words to live by, "Show love an' know love. Stay love an' be love coz love is overall. Without love there is no life an' without life there is no love. With those elements, it's all good you know." Jah Mason is obviously living a life of love judging from his success so far.

To book Jah Mason contact his management in Jamaica on 876-905-3820 or 876-927-3008.

Official Website : http://www.jahmason.com

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