One World Of Singers Vol . 1


1. Intro - Ninja Ford, Bounty & Baby Cham
2. I wanna know - Singing Melody /See You Riddim
3. Different Light - Bobby Crystal /See You Riddim
4. See You Again - Zero /See You Riddim
5. They say - Beres Hammond / Be Good Riddim
6. Just be good - Half pint /Be Good Riddim
7. Jah I thank you /Be Good Riddim
8. War inna di city - Ginga / Redneck riddim
9. Shasha always my sound - D Brown /Redneck Riddim(DUBPLATE)
10.Thank you Lord - Marcia Griffiths and Fiona / Thank you Jah Riddim
11.One of these days - Glen Washington / Thank you Jah Riddim
12.Sometime - Sanchez / Thank you Jah Riddim
13.A dat we want - Freddie Mcgregor / Thank you Jah Riddim
14.See you in my arms - Kashief Lindo / Thank you Jah Riddim
15.Stick by me - Fiona /Stick by me Riddim
16.Still going strong /Stick by me Riddim
17.Glen Washington - How did you know
18.Robbing my joy - Luciano /M16 Riddim
19.Sitting in the park - Glen Washington /M16 Riddim
20.Back at one - Sanchez
21.Everytime you away - ARP
22.It aint easy - Gregory Isaacs
23.After all said and done - John Holt
24.War - Gregory Isaacs
25.Let me remind you - Screwdriver /Taxi Riddim(DUBPLATE)
26.Africa bound - Uplifter/Capleton /Taxi Riddim
27.Teach them right - Glen Washington /Yes me friend Riddim
28.I behold the truth - Frankie Paul /Yes me friend Riddim
29. Guidance - Jah Mason /Yes me friend Riddim
30. Duppy Conquarer - Bob Marley /Yes me friend Riddim
31. Bet you dont know - Don Ricardo
32. You gone again - Gregory Isaacs /High fashion Riddim
33. Dog ago nyam your supper far - D Brown /High fashion Riddim

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