Randeesh is a man of music, art and nature.

Born on the western shores of the Caribbean in Belize, Central America, Randeesh was raised listening to a rich musical heritage that weaves together the sounds of cultural roots and cultural neighbours. Caribbean, Latin, American, African and British music was played alongside the unique festive rhythms and signature sounds of Belize - the early "Boom and Shine" or "Bruckdown" sounds; and Garifuna drums. Randeesh moved to Canada and added the northern feel to his musical recipe that blends the warm and relaxing tropical vibes of the Caribbean with the crisp coolness of the Canadian Pacific Northwest.

In his youth Randeesh was a winner of "The Voice of Belize" competition but now is a voice of Canada. Randeesh writes his songs in the coastal rain forest of British Columbia. He is a Canadian citizen, one of 725 Belizean-Canadians recorded in the 2001 Canadian Census. Randeesh loves his Canadian home and his Belizean cultural roots.

Randeesh's songs can be heard on his debut CD, "People are You Ready? Randeesh Sings Roots Reggae", and on his new dance-your-troubles-away CD, "Courage", a refreshing and uplifting eleven-song recording released in Spring 2004.

Randeesh is a musician for these times--calm, charismatic, rhythmic, melodic - a talented performerOfficial



Website : http://www.randeesh.com

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