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There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of Reggae Music Sound Systems within the past six months. We have seen the entry of more than six Sound Systems within the past half year, which gives us an average of at least one new Sound per month. By any standards, such a growth rate is phenomenal. It is evidence that Reggae Music is the biggest money spinner on the Sound Circuit. In fact, in Zimbabwe there are no other sound Systems that are not Reggae based. If a sound System is not a Reggae Sound System, then that sound System does not exist. Reggae has assumed a new role as a viable commercial weapon, not to mention its more important role as a Cultural Revolutionary tool. If anyone wants to make money out of Sound, then that sound has got to be Reggae. In Zimbabwe, reggae rules.

Big Sounds like Small Axe, Stone Love, and Africa A1 still dominate the scene. But the entry of new and fresh sounds like The Silencer, Lion Heart, Super Rock, Broken Arrow and Kilimanjaro has added greater rivalry between the various Sound Systems. The traditional dominance of the Big Sounds is likely to come to an end. What has just begun to be the crucial factor to the survival of a Sound here in Zimbabwe is not necessarily the reputation of that sound, but it is the product that it is currently delivering.

We have witnessed a sudden upshot in the number of local reggae DJs, and it is the sound with the best DJs that gets the greatest number of loyal fans. There is the fabulous Naughty G ( a sister) , teaming up with Marcus for hire to difference Sound Systems. Then we also have Dj Potato and Major E doing their thing for Small Axe. But it is becoming increasingly important for these Sounds to keep up with the world trend of reggae music. There are Big Reggae names these days, like Morgan Heritage, Bushman and Luciano. And only those sounds which can get hold of these can be assured of sell out dance concerts. And as you might be aware, our local Reggae Music distributors have got absolutely no idea about what is happening in the world of Reggae Music, and so we do not have these artistes on sale. So you can imagine what it does to people when they finally begin to hear these artistes in the Reggae Dance Hall!
Keep the fire burning! Ras Tafari!
Edwin Nyabhingi!

Killamanjaro Sound

Deep Porn CoverThe first thing one would think of when one hears the name Killamanjaro (Kilimanjaro) is a very high mountain in Africa, Well, Reggae Music is associated with Africa, and Kilimanjaro Sound is a very high quality sound. Therefore, this name is very fitting.

This Sound was formed in 1969 when Noel Harper as a youngster acquired his first 100 watt Amplifier and a pair of Speaker Boxes with 12 inches Woofers. Although Kilimanjaro Sound showed steady progress over the years, it was hampered by the fact that Noel Harper affectionately called "Papa Jaro", was also the operator, while he persuade his regular job, therefore, sound could only get a part-time attention. In 1982 Ainsley Grey took over the operations and as a result the Sound was able to take on more jobs. At this stage, the sound started to get popular, and several leading sounds sent in their challenges. Kilimanjaro defeated all challengers and rightly earned its No. 1 position. Ainsley Grey left the Sound in the late eighties and Jammie Lee took over. During that time, Silver Hawk was the roughest Sound around, but when they clash with Jaro, Jeromie Lee ended their carrier. It was in early 90's when the Killing machine Ricky Trooper took over the operation of the Sound, since then, Jaro has killed almost every big Sound in the whole world wide.

Shada Massive Sounds

Shada Deep Porn CoverMassive is a Kenyan reggae Sound based in Washington D.C. in the United States of America. The Sound features the one and only, Shada who has been mashing up dances in the US Capital and making appearances in various other cities on the East Coast. "Reggae bring back love" is the motto and Shada massive sound is here to spread the love through music and entertainment. The Sound holds residency in Safari D.C, 4306 Georgia Ave NW, Washington D.C. You can also tune into DC'S WPFW 89.3 FM with Shada, J-Bone, Smoove and DC's Reggae Queen of the airwaves, Lady Myhrr. For booking and info, contact or log on to

Maumausounds Int'l

Maumausounds With Papa BingiMamausounds is a Kenyan sound based in Dallas TX. They have been doing their thing in and around Dallas for the last two years and have had bashments with Shashamane as well as several local sounds and dj's. They have recently set up shop in Kenya with an outfit there that is seperate from the U.S.A branch. The U.S.A branch consits of Abujah, Pupa Judas and Killa Kastro. For more info log on to or to contact them email


Steppin' Razor

It is said that “The LORD call upon the singers and players of instruments”, in this world where our society has conformed to modern day slavery and spiritual wickedness, Steppin’ Razor is the sound anointed by the MOST HIGH to set JAH children free through WORD, SOUND, and POWER.

Steppin’ Razor is a sound founded in 2001, named after the Late Great Peter Tosh, the original “Steppin’ Razor.” The sound is run by Peter's youngest children, 21-year-old Niambe, “known as Lady Tosh,” an electronic engineer major, and 23 year old Jawara, “JAH Tosh” an economics major.

Not only is Steppin’ Razor’s mission to promote Peter’s music, and to give the legend his rightful glory on earth, but also encourage music listeners worldwide to tune into JAH music. Being born in Kingston, and raised in the United States, and also being reared in the music industry, Lady Tosh and JAH Tosh have the best of both worlds. The two are well versed in music culture in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae, and the US, the land reggae seeks to conquer.

Steppin’ Razor has blessed audiences with their rugged and distinctive style of play at shows such as World Clash, NY The First Annual Sound Reunion, CT and one of Jamaica’s premier night clubs, Asylum. Their background and upbringing has allowed them to develop a very unique style which prides itself on versatility, from roots rock to culture, foundation to lovers, dancehall to hip-hop, you name it they play it. This sound is the sound of the revolution, the sound of the future and they command respect.

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