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In 1971, Tinga joined the “Borris Gardner Happening Band” as the lead vocalist. The band toured the entire Island of Jamaica as well as many other Caribbean Islands, mainly on the Hotel/Tourism circuits. This stint lasted until 1973 when Tinga went solo again. He immediately scored his second hit “Funny Feeling”, produced by Lloyd Campbell. His success continued with the 1974 winning Festival song, “Play de Music” written by Ernie Smith. With confidence, experience and a well established career, Tinga wrote the following year’s winning Festival song, “Hooray Festival” sung by his talented brother Roman Stewart. And in the year 1981 he walked away with a winning song "No Weh Nuh Betta Dan Yard" produced by Rita Marley.. That songs was on the lips of every Jamaican across the island.

Now a seasoned artist, Tinga has focused more on studio works with modest success. He completed two albums on John Carrol’s Callabash label “Key to My Heart” and “I Feel The Music.” Having already made his mark on both the Jamaican as well as the international reggae world, Tinga decided to further his repertoire by teaming up with and adding that Tinga flair to the dancehall style. Between 1978 and 1979 Tinga did four songs for producer Joseph Hookin of Channel One Records. The songs are "Dry Up Your Tears", "Gonna Fall in Love", "Long About Now" and "Rainy Night In Georgia" which hit the charts in England.

Tinga is the one who influenced the carrers of renowned singer Pam Hall,Yami Bolo and Twiggy.

Tinga Stewart children are also in the music business. His son Michael "Finga" Stewart who is a producer and studio engineer and also mix for Capleton on tour. Daughter Tina who duet with Tinga on his Unforgettable album. Sandy who tour with various artist doing background harmonies. And Katrina also raps.

Tinga did two albums with his brother Roman Stewart. One called "Brother to Brother" and "Break Down the Barrier".

In 1988 “Take Time To Know Her” went to number one on several charts all over the world, sealing his fate as a tried and true pioneer of reggae music. The Ninjaman combination struck gold again as “Cover Me” topped the charts shortly after, followed by other dancehall hits, such as “Save The Last Dance” & “Sukie Sukie” the combination with DJ Tiger “Up On The Roof” achieved hit status as well.

In 1994, Tinga topped the charts again with a Willie Lindo penned and produced song the lovely “Inside My Heart.” And in 1998, Tinga released his self-produced album “Under Your Spell.” The year 2000 saw the reunification of veteran producer Willie Lindo and Tinga Stewart, the result was the release of an album of traditional classics called “Unforgettable”; the track “Bring The Curtain Down” hit the Miami charts. This album is considered one of his best to date. Tinga has released 12 albums and 200 singles.

Tinga has performed all over the world from Japan to the Netherlands, from North and South America to the Caribbean. IN 2001, he toured England twice working with Sanchez & Mickey Spice and with Alton Ellis & Pat Kelly. In 2002, Tinga toured the south-east U.S.A with Pray for Love which was in memory of the 911 victims, featured artist included, Freddie McGregor, Mikey Spice, Shinehead, Fiona, and a host of other international artist.

In 2002 Tinga toured the U.S.A. again with Freddie McGreggor and he was greatly received and got excellent reviews.

In 2003 he teamed up with Sanchez on his frenzy tour which was also the talk of the town.

Currently Tinga is riding the charts in NY and Miami with his song called "You Let Me Down" witch is now #7 on the top twenty charts. And also in the charts at #5 a song called "Cheater" with his late brother Roman Stewart that he wrote, it's on the Joe Fraser label.

Tinga's impressive longevity and impeccable reputation of talent and professionalism, along with his signature stage performance and well known voice face and image will continue to take reggae music to higher international heights.

Tinga is reviewed as one of the most exciting performers today.

Official Website : http://www.tingastewart.com

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