U Roy


The results were explosive: the three songs U Roy cut, all toasts over previous vocal hits: "Wake The Town," "Rule the Nation," and "Wear You The Ball," made the charts and sold well, with "Wake the Town" reaching #1 and "Wear You To the Ball" making its way on JBC's "Top Tunes Time" TV show featuring future Wailers organist Earl 'Wire' Lindo. The Jamaican public had loved U Roy's spontaneous outbursts and hip jive.
After U Roy's triumphant launch at Treasure Isle, he went on to voice hundreds of singles for virtually every Jamaican producer throughout the seventies. He had a good string of hits with Bunny Lee throughout 1975 and '76. In 1976, U Roy hooked up with Prince Tony Robinson and cut the famous "Dread Inna Babylon" album which saw release on Virgin records and finally put U Roy on the international reggae map. Shortly afterwards, however, U Roy decided to step out of the recording arena, stay "a yard" and set up his own Sturgav sound system which played out all over Jamaica with U Roy selecting and the great Charlie Chaplin and Josey Wales on the microphone. For many years now Sturgav has been inactive but U Roy has recently resurrected it in JA.
By the late 1970's deejays had practically become the order of the day and by 1985, when the modern "digi" era of Dancehall arrived, it seemed as if U Roy, the man who had started the dj trade on vinyl in the first place, had been forgotten. Indeed during much of the 1980s he was inactive, but in the 90s U Roy began again, seemingly as if he had never stopped. Linking up with the UK's avant-garde dub wiz the Mad Professor and Ariwa studios, U Roy versioned the fine "True Born African" album and more recently, U Roy is back again, this time quite possibly one of the best and most inspired sets he's delivered yet: "The Originator" for the up and coming Tabou label, which is as inspired as anything he has ever done and shares his inspired dj stylings with the vocals of Gregory, D. Brown, Beres, and many other greats.



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